Have a Great Safe Summer!!!!!

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Welcome to the

Happy Hunter's Ground!!!!!

Everyone should have a place on the Net that they can call home,

you have found Al and Fran's friendly opening page.

A few links to get them started and perhaps a laugh or two.

Fark- Just Farking beautiful....

Andy's Amazing Card Trick- Guess your card?

Themes- Themes and Schemes

DeeDee's-Loonie Bin Full of "stories" both good and XbadX rated.

TechTV- Go and visit Leo.

Silly Girl- Lots of fun links.

Custom Cars- Classic Cars Source.

Blue Mountain- Make a card and email it to friends.

If you get a chance drop Al a note and ask him his favorite thing about upgrading a computer....

I'm sure he'll have a story or two.....

Questions? Comments?


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