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"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." The Wizard of Oz

This is to be my spot on the Web.

Just a small pile in a big heap.

Dedicated to the celebration of Mondays.

Want to see a picture of Victoria Elizabeth.My new Great niece. Boy am I impressed!!! Stole my heart she did!!!!

Dave and my Mother got married recently and they made the mistake of letting me have a copy of their picture.

not sure if it's their Wedding picture or not but it will do.

Friends to visit: ever expanding (send URL)

Kid Thunder More affectionately known as Boy Blunder, Say hi to Kyle while you're there.

Robin's Nest Stop by and see her crafts and say Hello.

Hunter's Home Al and Fran always like company.

Gordy Mckinney Gordy teaches a class at Lenawee Vo-Tech on the Internet
and has quite a few helpful links about the Web, Html and assorted programs.

My page was hosted by: Tc3net Adrian's original ISP.

Now I'm at Icdsoft they are my new hosts of my domain. Got tired of having to move the files all the time and the last host didn't do the job.

Search engines Find what you're looking for.

"May I play through?"

Elvis Shot JFK -We Have Proof

I'd recommend any of these newsletters if you have an interest in the topics. I've been reading Chris's Lockergnome for years.
He can be seen on Tech TV on Call for Help.
Windows Daily
Digital Media
Tech Specialist
Bits & Bytes
Penguin Shell

More links? Try these favorites of mine.


Careful up there!!

Clean that up!!

A couple of things to keep in mind while visiting this spot is "IT'S ONLY A WEBPAGE"

and it's time for a faster modem.

All gone?

A note about myself. I'm a chemical worker at Wacker Silicones in Adrian Michigan, weekend shift.

This page is a place to practice

HTML and probably proof you shouldn't give a chemical operator

a little knowledge and too much time.!! Always looking forward to Monday!!!

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